Stay in Luqa

Luqa is a town located in the Southern Region of Malta, 4.3 km from the capital of Malta Valletta, near the Malta International Airport. It is an old town that has a dense population, typical of the Maltese Islands. The population of Luqa is 5,945 as of March 2014. There is a church in its main square dedicated to St. Andrew. The traditional feast of St. Andrew is celebrated on the first Sunday of July, with the liturgical feast being celebrated on the 30th November.

The famous clock maker and inventor Michelangelo Sapiano (1826-1912) used to live in Ħal Luqa. He constructed various kinds of clocks, the clock in the belfry of the Parish Church being one of his many works. The house in Ħal Luqa where he used to live is located on Pawlu Magri Street.

Getting around

Travelling to and from Luqa is very easy since lots of buses (public transport) pass through Luqa with pickup just a few metres from the apartment. Malta International Airport is also just 10 mins away from the apartment by walk.

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Just a 10-minute walk from Malta International Airport, our modern apartments offer 55″ flat screen TV and free WiFi.

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Luqa is one of Malta’s historic towns, beautiful sights and… pastizzi, all of which warrant further exploration. Where better to explore the town from than its epicentre? You won’t get a more convenient location than our luxury self-serviced apartments, perfect for both business and leisure travellers. All of our Luqa self-serviced apartments are a short 10 minute walk from Malta International Airport – and that’s just for starters.

If you’ve had enough running around and sightseeing, why not settle into one of the town’s many pubs for a pint and a toasted sandwich, to sit back and watch the world go by. Get spirited away in this hub of history, all with the pleasure of knowing that you have a little slice of home to go back to at the end of the day – with a fully equipped kitchen, flat screen 55″ TV and free WiFi in StayMela’s self-serviced apartments.

Tips for visiting Luqa

Like the rest of Malta, Luqa cars drive on the left and the local currency is the Euro (EUR), so if Luqa is a stop on your European tour you’ll need to get some Euro (€).

The town is highly dense in places with residential houses and commercial buildings, but it’s also packed with leafy suburban areas. Tourists and locals alike mix at pubs, cafes and well-known landmarks, with more than enough to keep everyone entertained.

If you’re looking for guidance or inspiration for booking self-serviced apartments for your trip to Malta, consider first what parts of the island you need to see and want to explore. Then choose your accommodation based on proximity and affordability in relation to your desired location, whether you establish a base exactly where you need to be or within a few local transport hops, is entirely up to you.

Getting around Luqa

Consider taking cabs, pre-booked taxi or Bolt home after a night out. Public Transport should be suitable to bring you around the island during the day.

Car: If you’re planning on driving around Malta there are a few things you need to remember: all cars drive on the left, public transport is often faster depending on where you want to go.

Taxi: There will be a number of taxi companies locally to choose from and of course, Bolt is a popular choice for many.

Bus: Hop on a big bus to get you where you need to go; they’re a quick, convenient and cheap way to travel around the island, with plenty of sightseeing opportunities along the way.


  • Free cancellation up to 14 days in advance for long-term booking of more than 28 nights. In case of late cancellation or no show, one month’s rent will be charged.
  • One day cancellation for short term bookings (up to seven nights). In case of late cancellation or no show, one night will be charged.
  • Three day cancellation for mid-term bookings (8 to 28 nights). In case of late cancellation or no show, three nights will be charged.

For guests staying more than 28 nights, a deposit is required amounting to one month’s rent.

Check in is after 3pm

Check out is before 10am

All Maltese taxes apply.

On-street parking is available in walking distance. There is also a large parking garage in our building for a daily fee. (Subject to availability)

Pets are allowed, but must be communicated to StayMela prior to arrival.

Smoking is not allowed inside the apartments. However you can smoke on the terraces.